No small matter…

“It is no small matter to acknowledge one’s yearning.  For this many need to make a particular effort at honesty.  All too many do not want to know where their yearning is, because it would seem to them impossible or too distressing.  And yet yearning is the way of life.  If you do not acknowledge your yearning, then you do not follow yourself, but go on foreign ways that others have indicated to you.  So you do not live your life but an alien one.  But who should live your life if you do not live it?  It is not only stupid to exchange your own life for an alien one, but also a hypocritical game, because you can never really live the life of others, you can only pretend to do it, deceiving the other and yourself, since you can only live your life…

…To live oneself means:  to be one’s own task.  Never say that it is a pleasure to live oneself.  It will be no joy but a long suffering, since you must become your own creator.  If you want to create yourself, then you do not begin with the best and the highest, but with the worst and the deepest.  Therefore say that you are reluctant to live yourself.  The flowing together of the stream of life is not joy but pain, since it is power against power, guilt and shatters the sanctified.” (C.G. Jung, The Red Book – Reader’s Ed., p. 187-188)

Don’t Worry

Things take the time they take.  Don’t

How many roads did St. Augustine follow
before he became St. Augustine?

By Mary Oliver
Felicity, p. 3


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