A loving gaze is
sun, water and soil
for a soul to grow.

By Yahia Lababidi

Gaze – a long fixed look

A loving gaze….

….from those who know us
….from strangers
….toward parts of us we know
….toward parts of us we don’t know
….toward that which is familiar
….toward that which is unknown

A receptiveness to receiving a loving gaze allows our soul to be nourished, transformed……

Regarding the process of individuation….

“Psychologically, we can understand this process as a transformation from egocentrism to ego-consciousness.  All of our shadow impulses lead to an egocentrism, of affect, of the impulses of the will.  One wants at all costs, and often in a childish manner, to have one’s own way.  If the ego succeeds in making these impulses conscious and in subordinating them to the Self (to the “god” within), then its fiery energy is transformed into a realization of its identity.  The ego then becomes conscious of its “just-so-ness”….. (Marie-Louise von Franz, On Dreams and Dying, p. 20)



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