“grace is the whisper
when you’re standing
in front of the dark
that says, “i can’t make
this less scary for you,
but i can remind
you that you’ve
walked through this before.”
~Brene Brown

The following is part of Edinger’s discussion of an excerpt from The Hermetic Museum shared in his book Anatomy of the Psyche:

“Such passages as these make clear that a careful awareness of the transpersonal level of the psyche is required.  This means one must be Self-oriented rather than ego-oriented.  There is a paradox here–as so often in alchemy and psychotherapy.  An awareness of the Self and the religious attitude that such an awareness brings are the goals of psychotherapy rather than requirements at the beginning…..As the process deepens, one realizes more and more that insights come by grace and that development occurs not by the will of the ego but by the urge to individuation from the Self.”

“Another aspect of the opus is that it is highly individual work…This refers to the uniquely individual nature of individuation.  In its deepest aspects it is experienced alone.”

(Edinger, Anatomy of the Psyche, p. 6)


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