Being responsible…..

“Confrontation with an archetype or instinct is an ethical problem of the first magnitude, the urgency of which is felt only by people who find themselves faced with the need to assimilate the unconscious and integrate their personalities….The “common man,” who is preponderantly a mass man, acts on the principle of realizing nothing, nor does he need to, because for him the only thing that commits mistakes is that easy anonymity conventionally known as “State” or “Society.”  But once a man knows that he is, or should be, responsible, he feels responsible also for his psychic constitution, the more so the more clearly he sees what he would have to be in order to become healthier, more stable, and more efficient.  Once he is on the way to assimilating the unconscious he can be certain that he will escape no difficulty that is an integral part of his nature.”  (Jung, CW8, par. 410)


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